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MAG Executive Committee

President: Manoj H. Shah, M.D., Warner Robins
President-elect: John S. Harvey, M.D., Atlanta
Immediate Past President: William E. Silver, M.D., Atlanta
First Vice President: Thomas E. Emerson, M.D., Marietta
Second Vice President: Madalyn N. Davidoff, M.D., Macon
Chair of the Board of Directors: Rutledge Forney, M.D., Marietta
Vice Chair of the Board of Directors: Frederick C. Flandry, M.D., Columbus
Secretary: Andrew B. Reisman, M.D., Oakwood
Treasurer: Steven M. Walsh, M.D., Roswell
Speaker of the House:
E. Frank McDonald Jr., M.D., Gainesville
Vice Speaker of the House:
Edmund R. Donoghue Jr., M.D., Savannah
Chair, Georgia AMA Delegation:
S. William Clark III, M.D., Waycross
Chair, Council on Legislation:
Michael E. Greene, M.D., Macon