2016 Georgia Healthcare Community Preparedness Program, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Training Calendar

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Attached you will find the HCPP ASPR Training Calendar for the current grant period that runs through June 30, 2017 that has 79 free training opportunities available to the State of Georgia.

The following reductions will stay in effect for those who travel over 50 miles one way from the residence to the training location:

- Mileage reimbursement will continue to be provided at the rate of $0.19 per mile and per diem will still not be provided. 

- The state will, however, continue to provide reimbursement for hotel stays at the maximum rate of $139 (plus tax) per night for classes that require overnight lodging due to travel distance.

A few reminders about reimbursements:

- Reimbursement forms issued in the class should be used for only that assigned class.

- Forms should be mailed to the address on the instructions and not sent in electronically.

- Mapquest directions must be attached with a starting and ending address. Students cannot pencil in the mileage. It needs to be what is shown when directions are retrieved. The Mapquest should show the actual route instead of just the starting and ending points. Only the driver is allowed to claim parking fees.

- Hotel receipts must be in the name of the person who attended the training/class/meeting and show a $0 balance. Do not use 3rd parties reservation sites like Travelocity, Hotwire, Expedia.

- Meals are not reimbursable.

- We cannot reimburse a company for an individual’s attendance.

- If a person is not requesting mileage or hotel reimbursement, they should indicate who they rode with or shared a room with.

- All reimbursement claims must be postmarked within 30 days of the class that are specific to the class that was attended. Page 1 and page 2 must be submitted of the class Bill for Services Rendered (emailed at class confirmation).

The calendar, as well as course descriptions and reimbursement guidelines, are located in the tabs on the bottom of the excel spreadsheet.

For the class that you are interested in, place your cursor on the desired course and left click, that will bring up an web page so that more information can be requested from the point of contact.

When registering multiple people for the same class, you must clear your Internet cookies after each registration.

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