MAG Foundation's 'Project DAN'

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The MAG Foundation's 'Project DAN' (Deaths Avoided by Naloxone) is designed to reduce drug overdoses by...

  • Equipping first responders with the prescription drug naloxone/Narcan and training them in its proper use
  • Expanding the 'Four Steps to Prevent Rx Drug Abuse' message within the medical profession
  • Increasing awareness of Georgia's 9-1-1 Medical Amnesty Law
  • Increasing awareness and training on overdose first aid
  • Donating prescription drug disposal boxes to qualifying higher education institutions, law enforcement agencies and pharmacies

Standing order for prescription of naloxone for overdose prevention

Georgia Department of Public Health Commissioner Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., has issued a standing order that authorizes pharmacies to “dispense naloxone in any of the forms [that are outlined in Exhibit A of the standing order).”

Naloxone counteracts the effects of drug overdoses.

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If you need to obtain naloxone for yourself or a loved one, please talk to your physician or pharmacist. Though available without a prescription, it is important to be properly trained to administer naloxone.

Naloxone Training Video


The Medical Center Foundation’s 24th Annual Medical Center Open raised more than $280,000 for the ‘Think About It’ campaign’s ‘Project DAN’ in 2015. MAG Foundation President Jack M. Chapman Jr., M.D., said that, “We would like to extend our sincere thanks to The Medical Center Foundation for providing the resources we need to combat the prescription drug abuse epidemic in northeast Georgia and throughout the state.”