Georgia PHP: Helping physicians & PAs for five years

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The Georgia Professional Health Program (Georgia PHP) distributed the following press release on August 7…

The Georgia Professional Health Program (Georgia PHP) is pleased to announce our five-year anniversary. This month we celebrate five years of continuous service to physicians, physician assistants and respiratory therapists in Georgia. By helping our health care providers, we are improving the health of everyone who receives medical care in our state.

Georgia PHP, Inc. was established as a not-for-profit foundation in 2012. Operating under the legislated authority of the Georgia Composite Medical Board, we assist medical professionals who develop substance use and other mental health conditions regain and maintain their health. The Georgia PHP is a confidential program that provides initial triage, referral to treatment and long-term monitoring services for health care professionals. Our work improves quality of care across the state by improving the health of those who care for the citizens of Georgia.

Since August 2012, Georgia PHP has provided services to over 400 licensed physicians, physician assistants and respiratory therapists.

Paul H. Earley, M.D., DFASAM, serves as the medical director and Robin F. McCown serves as the organization’s executive director.

Georgia PHP receives no state funding and relies solely on member fees and donations, which are tax-deductible.

To learn more about how to support Georgia PHP, please contact Robin McCown at 678.825.3764 or

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