AMA promoting Rx drug education resources

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The American Medical Association’s (AMA) Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse is encouraging physicians to take advantage of two new resources that they can use to educate their patients about the proper use and storage and disposal of prescription drugs, including a ‘Promote safe storage and disposal of opioids and all medications’ fact sheet and a ‘Safe Storage and Disposal of Opioids’ recommendations web page. The fact sheet encourages physicians to…

– Talk to [their] patients! More than 70 percent of people misusing opioid analgesics are getting them from family and friends – sharing opioids is illegal and may be deadly.

– Remind [their] patients! Store medicines out of reach from children and never share prescription(s) with anyone.

– Urge [their] patients to safely dispose of expired, unwanted and unused medications! Recommend patients use pharmacy and law enforcement “take back” resources whenever possible.

Click for AMA Task Force Rx drugs storage/disposal fact sheet

Click for AMA Task Force Rx drugs storage/disposal recommendations web page