MAG ‘Top Docs’ show on bad outcomes now online

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A recording of a recent Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs Radio’ show that addressed how physicians should handle bad patient outcomes is now available online. 

The show featured Daniel J. Huff, Esq., with Huff, Powell & Bailey, LLC, who stresses that, “In addition to the patient and their family, bad outcomes often devastate the physician and other care providers. Unfortunately, bad outcomes are common and unpreventable in many cases.”

Huff emphasizes that, “How a physician handles a bad outcome with the patient and their family is critical when it comes to avoiding litigation, and how a physician responds to a bad outcome can say more about them than the fact that the bad outcome occurred.” 

He also stresses that, “In the event of a bad outcome, the interest of the patient must be first and foremost. A physician must put his or her pride aside and do what is best for the patient under the circumstances – and the patient’s needs and timeliness should always govern the decision-making process.” 

Finally, Huff says that, “Good communications and documentation are also important factors when a bad outcome occurs.” 

MAG sponsors the ‘Top Docs’ program at 12 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Between downloads and live listeners, MAG's ‘Top Docs’ show has reached more than 10,000 listeners – which includes people in all 50 states and 84 countries.

MAG’s ‘Top Docs Radio’ show is supported with a grant from Health Care Research, a subsidiary of Alliant Health Solutions. 

Huff defends civil lawsuits on behalf of physicians, product manufacturers, businesses, corporations, hospitals and other professionals. He tries several jury trials each year. Contact Huff at 404.892.4022 or

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