MAG CEO urges state commissioner to block Aetna/Humana & Anthem/Cigna mergers

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Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) Executive Director Donald J. Palmisano Jr. has called for Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens to block the pending Aetna/Humana and Anthem/Cigna mergers.

In a March 1 letter, Palmisano stressed that, “Gone unchecked, a few insurers will be in a position to manipulate the marketplace to institute policies that will exacerbate the physician shortage and undermine the economic viability of the practice environment in the state which will limit the accessibility of care and individual patient choice.”

He added that, “These mergers are likely to impair access, affordability, and innovation in the health insurance market.”

And Palmisano pointed out that, “The evidence clearly shows that these mergers will result in disastrous consequences for physicians and patients in Georgia.”

The letter features a number of statistics and graphics that highlight how the mergers would undermine the state’s health care system.

MAG members can contact Palmisano at with questions related to MAG’s advocacy efforts to block the mergers.

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