Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy


Susan Reichman


The members of the current (eighth) Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy’s (GPLA) class include (from the left in the front row) Kelly Weselman, M.D., Janis Coffin, D.O., Jovan Adams, D.O., Amy Eubanks, M.D., Rani Reddy, M.D., Mitzi Rubin, M.D., Debi Dalton, M.D., (and from the left in the back row) Mark Griffiths, M.D., Charles Miller, M.D., Jennifer Tucker, M.D., Cliff Willimon, M.D., Tim Grant, M.D., Margaret Boltja, M.D., and Dilipkumar Patel, M.D. Robert Bashuk, M.D., and Vijay Maurya, M.D., are also members of the class.

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The Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy (GPLA) was established in 2007 to develop physician leaders who will enhance the medical profession and the health care system and the quality of life in the state.
GPLA is a year-long program that is broken down into six sessions. Five of those sessions take place on weekends, while the sixth (Session V) takes place during the work week.
The GPLA features interactive classes that are designed to enhance the student’s skill sets in three key areas, including…
1.    Advocacy
2.    Communications
3.    Conflict resolution
GPLA is also designed to foster relationships and networks within the medical profession in Georgia. 
Nearly 90 physicians in the state – including a number that serve in leadership roles at the Medical Association of Georgia and other state and local medical societies – have graduated from the GPLA.

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GPLA Eligibility
GPLA participants must be nominated by an approved sponsor, which includes county medical societies in Georgia, state specialty societies, and similar organizations. The GPLA Steering Committee reviews the nominations on an annual basis. Physicians who are not accepted for a given GPLA class will be considered in future years. Diversity (e.g., specialty, geographic location) is one of the considerations that the GPLA Steering Committee takes into account when it selects each year’s class.  
GPLA Leadership Project
Every GPLA student must complete a personal leadership project that will benefit their patients or profession or communities during their class year (e.g., a CMS membership drive or a patient education program in their community). GPLA students are allowed to receive support from their mentors and GPLA faculty and staff.
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GPLA Tuition
The GPLA tuition is $1,000. The sponsor organization is expected to pay this fee, which is used to cover lodging, meals, speakers, and coursework resources. GPLA students are responsible for their own transportation costs. The MAG Foundation uses donations and grants to pay for the additional costs that are associated with the GPLA.

GPLA Steering Committee

S. William Clark III, M.D., Chair
MAG President Manoj H. Shah, M.D.
MAG President-elect John S. Harvey, M.D.
John S. Antalis, M.D.
James W. Barber, M.D., Class II
Jack M. Chapman Jr., M.D.
Madalyn N. Davidoff, M.D., Class IV
Jacqueline W. Fincher, M.D., Class I
Michael E. Greene, M.D.
Joy A. Maxey, M.D.
Edward H. Young, M.D., Class III
Donald J. Palmisano Jr., MAG CEO
Robert L. Addleton, EdD

GPLA Contact
Physicians and sponsor organizations who have questions about the program should contact Susan Reichman at

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