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Susan Moore


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MAG's third party payer claims service helps you keep the money you've earned...

  • Help with third party payer claim disputes and other grievances
  • Assistance with coding, audits, recovery requests, claim processing and adverse payer practices
  • Keeping you up to date on traditional Medicare and Medicare managed care, Medicaid and other third party reimbursement systems

MAG’s Health Policy and Third Party Payer Advocacy Department continues to represent MAG members on a number of advisory committees at the state and national levels.

MAG has advised hundreds of practices on ways to resolve payment or practice management problems from an advisory standpoint. MAG also helped a number of practices resolve payment issues with health insurance companies, while MAG’s Third Party Payer Committee continued to address important issues like prior authorization and Medicaid.

The bottom line is that MAG has helped physicians in Georgia save millions of dollars in third party payer claims.

MAG's Business Associate Agreement

Before a member sends any private health information to MAG, MAG requires two original, signed copies of the Business Associate Agreement to be mailed to MAG Director of Third Party Payer Susan Moore at 1849 The Exchange, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30339 or faxed to 678.303.3732.

MAG cannot provide legal advice or representation to individual members. The information that is provided in this section of the website is intended to serve as useful information. It is in no way intended to serve as legal advice or a legal relationship. You should always discuss specific legal issues with your private health care attorney and your medical malpractice liability carrier for specific advice and recommendations.