2021 HOD: Resolutions/Reference Committee Reports

House Actions

Reference Committee Reports

Committee A

Committee C

Committee C&B

Committee F

Reference Committee A

Access to Cost-Effective Renal Replacement Therapy (101A.21)
Behavioral Health Care Initiative in Georgia (102A.21)
Climate Action (103A.21)
Clinical Trial Minority Participation (104A.21)
Correctional Medicine (105A.21)
Ensuring Racial Equity in Medicine (106A.21)
Low THC Program Revenue Allocation (107A.21)
Update MAG’s Cannabis Policy (108A.21)
Meningococcal B Vaccination for Colleges & Universities (109A.21)
Racism is a Public Health Crisis Statement (110A.21)
Supporting Diversity in Georgia’s Physician Workforce (111A.21)
Universal Good Samaritan Statute (112A.21)
Wire Grill Brush Ban (113A.21)
Task Force on Transgender Health Care Report

Reference Committee C

Closing the Coverage Gap in Georgia (301C.21)
Bundling Simultaneous Same Day Services (302C.21)
Past Due Child Support and Medical Licensure (303C.21)
Death Certificates (304C.21)
Health Insurance Denials (305C.21)
Limited Exceptions to Single-Specialty Letters of Non-Review (306C.21)
Mandatory School Scoliosis Screening (307C.21)
Opioid Reversal Agents (308C.21)
Oppose Legislative Interference in Patient Care (309C.21)
Interference in Physician Prescribing (310C.21)
Physician-Led Anesthesia Care Team (311C.21)
Prior Authorization (312C.21)
Protecting Physician Advocacy (313C.21)
Pharmaceutical Rebate Legislation (314C.21)
Safe Haven Program (315C.21)
Volunteer Physician Immunity (316C.21)

Reference Committee C&B

Presidential Succession Line Task Force (501CB.21)
C&B Committee Report

Reference Committee F

Treasurer Report
AMA Delegation Report