MAG’s key issues advocacy letters


AMA, MAG & others convince Walmart to delay EPSC policy (12.12.19)
MAG submits letter to Georgia governor commenting on health insurance waivers (12.4.19)
MAG, AMA & others weigh in on CMS scope proposals (10.29.19)
MAG among groups to express concerns over surprise bills legislation (10.16.19)
MAG offers solutions in letter to insurance commissioner (9.25.19)
MAG among 100+ groups to sign letter on surprise bills (2.7.19)



MAG signs letter requesting reconsideration of APRN scope of practice provision (5.10.18)
MAG signs letter to oppose VA APRNs proposal (2.22.18)



MAG among nearly 60 groups to call for PAMA action (9.12.17)
MAG supports DOI regulation of rental networks (2.16.17)
MAG advocates for changes to provider contract process (2.23.17)
MAG expresses concerns over optometrist legislation (4.19.17)