MAG calls for VA to reject proposed APRNs scope rule (07.12.16)
MAG one of 100+ groups to weigh in on MACRA proposal (06.24.16)
MAG calls for Commissioner Hudgens to address drug tiers (04.07.16)
MAG CEO urges state commissioner to block mergers (03.01.16)


MAG promoting bill to repeal ban on new physician-owned hospitals (12.02.15)
MAG one of 100+ to weigh in on MACRA (11.18.15)
MAG among 90+ to call for House to “refocus” Stage 3 program (11.02.15)
MAG among 90+ to call for Senate to “refocus” Stage 3 program (11.02.15)
MAG one of 80+ M.D. groups to sign letter on MACRA funding (10.08.15)
MAG applauds Rep. Price’s efforts to address ICD-10 transition period (07.14.15)
MAG one of 100+ groups to express support for bill clarifying Sunshine Act (05.29.15)
MAG, AMA & other states call on Congress to pass bill to repeal SGR (03.25.15)
MAG one of 750+ groups to sign SGR repeal letter (03.16.15)
MAG expresses support for Georgia DPH Organized Approaches to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening program (03.10.15)
MAG applauding Rep. Price’s efforts to address SGR (03.06.15)
MAG one of 150+ to ask NGA to emphasize OD prevention & treatment (02.19.15)


MAG CMS Medicare appeals backlog letter (12.08.14)
MAG OMHA Medicare appeals backlog suggestions letter (12.05.14)
MAG supports bill to address Sunshine Act (10.24.14)
MAG signs letter to oppose expansion of audiologists’ scope bill (09.16.14)
MAG, 100+ more express concerns over implementation of “Sunshine Act” (08.05.14)
MAG supports DPH effort to prevent and reduce obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke in Georgia (07.03.14)
MAG one of 80+ M.D. groups to call for delay in CoPs rule changes (07.01.14)
MAG expresses support for FDA testing of generic drugs (06.24.14)
MAG one of 100+ calling on Gov. Jindal to veto H.B. 1065 (05.27.14)
MAG letter expresses support for GCMB proposed rule on “Institutional Licenses” (03.28.14)
MAG signs letter opposing Medicare bill (03.26.14)
MAG signs letter to voice concerns over PPACA grace period (03.14.14)
MAG signs letter opposing audiologists scope legislation (03.14.14)
MAG/others letter to U.S. Reps. on Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act, H.R. 4015/ S. 2000 (03.05.14)
MAG/others letter to U.S. Sens. on Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act, H.R. 4015/ S. 2000 (03.05.14)
MAG signs letter calling for solution for Medicare appeals backlog (02.12.14)


MAG calls for Cosmetic Laser Services Act funding in letter to Composite Board (11.07.13)
MAG one of 80+ calling on CMS to act to ensure MA beneficiaries have accurate & reliable info (11.06.13)
MAG one of 60+ calling for VHA Nursing Handbook revisions (10.29.13)
MAG, others thank House Ways & Means for efforts to repeal SGR (09.17.13)
MAG, others call for CMS to halt recoupment tied to potentially incarcerated Medicare beneficiaries (08.23.13)
AMA, MAG & 100+ others encourage Congress to fix system for Medicare pay (07.24.13)
MAG, others call on DCH to accelerate process for addressing delay in Medicaid PC pay increase (07.18.13)
MAG one of 500 to sign letter calling for IPAB repeal (04.25.13)
MAG calls for physician vs. “clinician”-led medical homes (04.19.13)
MAG, AMA & 60+ others express support for Rep. Price Medicare bill (04.10.13)
MAG weighs in on CMS hospital governance proposal (04.08.13)
OIG releases fraud alert on physician-owned entities & implantable devices (03.27.13)
MAG president supports GBPW in its residency efforts (03.21.13)
MAG calls on AMA to continue to pursue more realistic EHR timeline (03.21.13)
MAG files amicus brief on physicians as medical directors (02.06.13)


MAG one of 100+ to sign letter urging Congress to prevent budget sequestration cuts (12.21.12)
MAG, others sign letter urging CMS to eliminate the implementation of ICD-10 (12.20.12)
MAG one of 250+ to sign letter opposing elimination of Medicaid PC pay increase (12.5.12)
MAG urges Georgia Insurance Commissioner to reject BCBSGA’s proposal to acquire Amerigroup (10.31.12)
MAG one of 100+ signing letter urging SGR reform (10.15.12)
MAG one of 100+ signing letter calling for nullification of pay cuts under sequestration provision (09.14.12)
MAG letter to Georgia Department of Public Health on proposed revisions to “Form 3300, Vision, Hearing, Dental & Nutrtional Screening of children entering public schools, regulations chapter 290-5-31” (09.07.12)
MAG, others express concern over Aetna’s new accreditation requirements for surgical pathology labs (08.30.12)
MAG, AMA file amicus brief in FTC antitrust case (08.27.12)
MAG weighs in on Medicaid/PeachCare redesign in letter to DCH (06.29.13)
MAG opposing proposed rule related to chiropractic manipulation under anesthesia (06.07.12)
MAG calls for change in proposal related to injectable pharmacologics rule (06.05.12)
MAG, others oppose proposal to reduce pay for dually-eligible patients (05.30.12)
MAG president calls for CMS to delay ICD-10 until 2015 (05.16.12)
MAG signs letter to CMS on Stage 2 EHR “meaningful use” proposal (05.07.12)
MAG, others submit letter to CMS addressing “Reporting and Returning Overpayments” (04.16.12)
MAG letter to Georgia Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology on “Assessment Practices – Proposed Rule 609-4-.05 Policy and Procedure” (04.09.12)
MAG sends letter of support for H.B. 745 (pulse oximetry) to Rep. Welch (02.07.12)
MAG, others sign letter urging Congress to stabilize Medicare and eliminate the SGR (01.23.12)
MAG, others ask CMS for written policy on direct billing for Medicare (01.20.12)


MAG responds to Georgia Composite Medical Board’s proposed guidelines on pain management (11.28.11)
MAG responds to Georgia Composite Medical Board’s proposed guidelines for office-based surgery (11.21.11)
MAG, others thank AMA for development, support of Medicare Patient Empowerment Act (11.18.11)
MAG, coalition sends recommendations to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (11.10.11)
MAG, others oppose SGR reduction in letters to Joint Select Committee (also sent to Rep. Jeb Hensarling) (11.11.11)
MAG submits letter to CMS regarding UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage audits and Medicare fee reductions (10.28.11)
MAG opposes proposed changes to Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists’ rules (10.20.11)
MAG, others call for meaningful medical liability reforms in letters to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (10.03.11)
MAG addresses proposed rule that refers to clinical nurse specialists as primary health providers in letter to state board (09.06.11)
MAG president submits comments on physician profiling programs (08.30.11)