Steering Committee

Michelle Zeanah, M.D., Class V

Waldon Garriss III, M.D., Class XII

Past Chair
S. William Clark III, M.D.

MAG President
Frederick C. Flandry, M.D., Class II

MAG President-elect
Thomas E. Emerson, M.D., Class, VII

MAG Foundation President
Jack M. Chapman Jr., M.D.

Manoj H. Shah, M.D., Class I
W. Scott Bohlke, M.D., Class I, COL Chair
Albert Johary, M.D., Class III
Snehal Dalal, M.D., Class IV
John Sy, D.O., Class VI
James L. Smith Jr., M.D., Class VII
Rani Reddy, M.D., Class VIII
Jeff Stone, M.D., Class IX
Anna Skold, M.D., Class X
Zach Lopater, M.D., Class X, YPS Chair
Colleen McLemore, M.D., Class XI
Jeremy Bonfini, MAG CEO

Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy

The Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy (GPLA) was established in 2007 to develop physician leaders who will enhance the medical profession and the health care system and the quality of life in the state.

GPLA is a year-long program that is broken down into six sessions. Five of those sessions take place on weekends, while the sixth (Session V) takes place during the work week.

The GPLA features interactive classes that are designed to enhance the student’s skill sets in four key areas, including…

1.    Advocacy
2.    Communications
3.    Conflict resolution
4.    Physician resilience

GPLA is also designed to foster relationships and networks within the medical profession in Georgia.

More than 160 physicians in the state – including a number that serve in leadership roles at the Medical Association of Georgia and other state and local medical societies – have graduated from the GPLA.

GPLA Eligibility

GPLA participants must be nominated by an approved sponsor, which includes county medical societies in Georgia, state specialty societies, and similar organizations. The GPLA Steering Committee reviews the nominations on an annual basis. Physicians who are not accepted for a given GPLA class will be considered in future years. Diversity (e.g., specialty, geographic location) is one of the considerations that the GPLA Steering Committee takes into account when it selects each year’s class.

GPLA Leadership Project

Every GPLA student must complete a personal leadership project that will benefit their patients or profession or communities during their class year (e.g., a CMS membership drive or a patient education program in their community). GPLA students are allowed to receive support from their mentors and GPLA faculty and staff.

GPLA Tuition

The GPLA tuition is $1,100. The sponsor organization is expected to pay this fee, which is used to cover lodging, meals, speakers, and coursework resources. GPLA students are responsible for their own transportation costs. The MAG Foundation uses donations and grants to pay for the additional costs that are associated with the GPLA.

The Physicians Foundation

The Physicians Foundation has supported the GPLA with grants totaling more than $500,000 since 2013.

“The Physicians Foundation enables this dynamic program to continue to flourish and benefit physicians in Georgia,” says GPLA Steering Committee Chair Michelle Zeanah, M.D. “There are high expectations of the physicians participating in this rigorous curriculum and Class XIII is proving its readiness.”

The Physicians Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that “seeks to empower physicians. As the U.S. health care system continues to evolve, the Physicians Foundation is steadfast in its determination to strengthen the physician-patient relationship, support physicians in sustaining their medical practices, and help practicing physicians in navigating the changing health care system.” The Physicians Foundation has provided more than $49 million in grants to non-profit organizations, universities, hospital systems and medical society foundations.


GPLA Classes

Class XIII

Melhim Bou Alwan, M.D., Joy Baker, M.D., Bret Crumpton, D.O., Tom Fausett, M.D., Patrick Hall, M.D., Renee Haynes, M.D., Andrea Juliao, M.D.,  James Malcolm, M.D., Chris McAdams, M.D., Joshua Murphy, M.D., Kalpana Prasad, M.D., and Carmen Sulton, M.D.

Class XII

Back Row, L-R :  Colin Segovis, M.D., Jennifer Holton, M.D., Trey Patterson, M.D., John Wood, M.D., Waldon Garriss, M.D., Walter McClelland, M.D., Anthony Chappell, M.D., Joanne Zhu, M.D., Umamaheswari Jonnalagadda, M.D. Front Row, L-R: Vandana Reddy, M.D., Tameka Byrd, D.O., GPLA Past Chair John Sy, D.O., GPLA Chair Stephen Jarrard, M.D. Michelle Au, M.D., Julianne Birt, M.D., Jayne Morgan, M.D. (Not pictured: William Moretz, M.D.)

Class XI

Back Row, L-R: Stephen Shiver, M.D., Jacob Varghese, M.D., Rod Duraski, M.D., Donald Fordham, M.D. Front Row, L-R: Colleen McClemore, M.D., Christopher Walsh, M.D., GPLA Chair John Sy, D.O., GPLA Vice Chair Stephen Jarrard, M.D., Amin Yehya, M.D., Wambui Machua, M.D., Shamie Das, M.D. (Not pictured: Royden Daniels, M.D., Travis Bailey, D.O., Salman Fidahussein, M.D., and Tracey Henry, M.D.)

Class X


Back Row, L-R: Joash Lazarus, M.D., Brett Cannon, M.D., Sultan Sims, M.D., John Johnson, M.D., Bhavin Adhyaru, M.D., Zach Lopater, M.D., Ahmed Ali, M.D., Chip Cowart, M.D. Front Row, L-R: Masoumeh Ghaffari, M.D., Keisha Callins, M.D., Kelly Homlar, M.D., Sudha Tata, M.D., Syamala Erramilli, M.D., Margaret Wong, M.D., Anna Skold, M.D., Brandy Cross, M.D., GPLA Chair John Sy, D.O. (Not pictured: Nikki Hughes, M.D.)

Class IX

Back Row, L-R: GPLA Chair-elect John Sy, D.O., Fonda Mitchell, M.D., Mal Hollander, Brian Ribeiro, M.D., Sandra Fryhofer, M.D., GPLA Chair William Clark III, M.D., Mark Huffman, M.D., Jeff Stone, M.D., Brian Hill, M.D., Matt Astin, M.D., Matt Keadey, M.D. Front Row, L-R: Al Scott, M.D., Sandra Hollander, M.D., Fred Flandry, M.D., Eddie Richardson Jr., M.D., Yolanda Graham, M.D., Jeremy Jones, M.D., Deepti Bhasin, M.D., Faria Khan, M.D. (Not pictured: Brad Bushnell, M.D.)

Class VIII

Back Row, L-R:  Mark Griffiths, M.D., Charles Miller, M.D., Jennifer Tucker, M.D., Cliff Willimon, M.D., Tim Grant, M.D., Margaret Boltja, M.D., Dilipkumar Patel, M.D. Front Row, L-R: Kelly Weselman, M.D., Janis Coffin, M.D.; Jovan Adams, D.O., Amy Eubanks, M.D., Rani Reddy, M.D., Mitzi Rubin, M.D., Debi Dalton, M.D.

Class VII

Back Row, L-R: Piyush Patel, M.D., Walt Moore, M.D., Ali Rahimi, M.D., Jay Smith, M.D., Vijaya Vella, M.D., Steven Walsh, M.D. Front Row, L-R: Eric Awad, M.D., Amanda Brown, M.D., Thomas Emerson, M.D., Rutledge Forney, M.D. Wayne Hoffman, M.D., Adrienne Mims, M.D., Matt Lyon, M.D.

Class VI

Back Row, L-R: MAG Chairman of the Board Stanley Sherman, M.D., MAG President Scott Bohlke, M.D., Charles Wilmer, M.D., Johnny Sy, M.D., Thekkepat Sekhar, M.D.; Rob Schreiner, M.D., Randy Ruark, M.D., GPLA Chair William Clark III, M.D. Front Row, L-R: Henry Patton Jr., M.D., Brian Nadolne, M.D., Elizabeth Morgan, M.D., Aysha Khoury, M.D., McGregor Lott, M.D., Abhishek Gaur, M.D., Carla Roberts, M.D.  (Not pictured: Keith Johnson, M.D.)

Class V

Back Row, L-R: MAG Chairman of the Board Stanley Sherman, M.D., MAG President-elect Scott Bohlke, M.D., James Velimesis, M.D., Michelle Zeanah, M.D., Robert (Bo) Lewis, M.D., Stephen Jarrard, M.D., GPLA Chair William Clark III, M.D. Front Row, L-R: Puthugramam Natrajan, M.D., Michael Groves, M.D., Sreeni Gangasani, M.D., Edmund Donohue, M.D., Mitchell Cook, D.O., Victoria Clements, M.D. (Not pictured: Danny Newman, M.D.)

Class IV

L-R: GPLA Chair William Clark III, M.D, Sreeni Gangasani, M.D., Joyce Doyle, M.D., Frank McDonald, M.D., Snehal Dalal, M.D., David Bogorad, M.D., MAG President Dan DeLoach, M.D., Angela Mattke, M.D., Sumayah Talliaferro, M.D., Karen Lovett, M.D., Beulette Hooks, M.D., Margaret Schaufler, M.D. (Not pictured: Madalyn Davidoff, M.D.)

 Class III

L-R: GPLA Chair William Clark, III, M.D., MAG President-elect Dan DeLoach, M.D., Charles Moore, M.D., Cody McClatchey, M.D., Pravinchandra Patel, M.D., GPLA Steering Committee Scott Bohlke, M.D., Anju Gupta, M.D., Edward Young, M.D., Harry Strothers, M.D., Robert Lane, M.D., Albert Johary, M.D. (Not pictured Gregorio Abad, M.D., Santanu Das, M.D., Paula Gregory, D.O., Indran Krishnan, M.D., Geoffrey Simon, M.D. and Matthew Watson, M.D.)

Class II

L-R: John Rogers, M.D., Lisa Perry-Gilkes, M.D., Howard Odom, M.D., GPLA Steering Committee Robert Addleton, MEd, Angela Shannon, M.D., Lead faculty Kristine Sullivan, Robert Jones, M.D., Gloria Campbell-D’Hue, M.D., GPLA Administrator Susan Reichman, Florence Barnett, M.D., James Barber, M.D., Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, M.D., GPLA Chair William Clark III, M.D. (Not pictured: Jules Toraya, M.D. and Clyde Watkins, M.D.)

Class I

L-R: Andrew Reisman, M.D., Marc Weatherington, M.D., Kay Ann Weatherington (spouse), Manoj Shah, M.D., Hansa Shah (spouse), Howard Maziar, M.D., Patty Maziar (spouse), Sandra Kubik (spouse), Craig Kubik, M.D., Joel Higgins, M.D., LuRaye Higgins (spouse), Pam Gallup, M.D., Janet McMahan (spouse), Howard McMahan, M.D., Jacqueline Fincher, M.D., James Lemley, M.D. (spouse), Lead faculty Kristine Sullivan, Steering Committee member Robert Addleton, MEd, GPLA Administrator Susan Reichman, Scott Bohlke, M.D., GPLA Chair William Clark III, M.D. (Not pictured: Jeffrey Grossman, M.D. and Mark Hanley, M.D.)