G.R.I.T. General Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24/7 support) 800.273.8255


Why resilience matters now more than ever

Prioritizing the need to address physician well-being and enhance patient safety.

How have systems prepared for crisis situations to ensure support and care for physicians and other health care workers?

The dedication of leadership at ChristianaCare in Delaware and Maryland enabled the health system to build a robust well-being infrastructure that as that has helped to rapidly pivot and scale up available support resources to meet the needs of physicians during a crisis.

Free CME

AMA’s Ed Hub™ offers free CME on professional well-being that uses the STEPS Forward™ open-access platform, which features innovative strategies that allow physicians and their staff to thrive. These tools can help prevent physician burnout, create the organizational foundation for joy in medicine, create a strong team culture, and improve practice efficiency.

Resources for educators of medical students and residents

The ‘Coaching in Medical Education: A Faculty Handbook’ is a great resource for educators and administrators. It is focused on undergraduate medical education, but graduate medical education faculty and educators will also find a lot of relevant information in this handbook.

The ‘It Takes Two: A Guide to Being a Good Coachee’ handbook offers advice on how get the most out of a coaching relationship, including how a coach can develop a coachee into a master adaptive learner, how to use coaching throughout training, and how coaching can help one build successful personal learning networks.

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Mini Z Assessment

A free American Medical Association (AMA) resource that helps health care organizations of all sizes assess burnout and professional well-being.

Additional Resources

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