MAG Leadership

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MAG Executive Committee

Rutledge Forney, M.D., President
Andrew B. Reisman, M.D., President-elect
E. Frank McDonald, M.D., MBA, Immediate Past President
Thomas Emerson, M.D., Treasurer
Lisa Perry-Gilkes, M.D., Secretary
Despina D Dalton, M.D., First Vice President
Thekkepat G. Sekhar, M.D., Second Vice President
Frederick C. Flandry, M.D.. Chairman of the Board
Steven M. Huffman, M.D., Vice Chairman of the Board
Edmund R. Donoghue, M.D., Speaker of the House of Delegates
James W. Barber, M.D., Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates
S. William Clark III, M.D., Chairman, AMA Delegation
W. Scott Bohlke, M.D., Chairman, Council on Legislation