Legislative Priorities

The Medical Association of Georgia’s priorities for the 2018 state legislative session include…

Health Insurance

  • Developing a solution for the “surprise health insurance coverage gap.”
  • Streamlining and improving the prior authorization process.
  • Promoting more and better health insurance coverage options for pain therapy.
  • Ensuring that patients have access to every physician insurers advertise as “in-network” for the duration of the contract year to ensure the continuity of care.
  • Requiring insurers to be transparent about how they develop their networks, their standards of participation, and the process they use to select and de-select physicians for their networks.
  • Allowing patients to make their own health care decisions based on the best treatment options, their medical history, and the advice they receive from their physician rather than an insurer’s step therapy protocols.

Patient Safety

Working with allied stakeholders (e.g., MagMutual) on key patient safety initiatives, including distracted driving.


Exploring a waiver option to access federal funds to expand the state’s Medicaid program.

Scope of Practice

Addressing scope of practice issues that undermine patient safety.

2018 Summer Legislative Education Seminar

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is encouraging its member physicians to register for MAG's 2018 ‘Legislative Education Seminar’ meeting, which will take place at the Brasstown Valley Resort in Young Harris on June 1-3.

The Brasstown Valley Resort is sold out for this event. Contact Anita Amin at anita@associationstrategygroup.us for information on other lodging options in the area.  

Monitor MAG’s communications and www.mag.org for additional details, and contact Derek Norton at dnorton@mag.org or 678.303.9280 with any other questions related to the seminar.  

Click to register

MAG’s Department of Government Relations

Contact MAG Government Relations Director Derek Norton by email  or call 678.303.9280 with questions related to MAG’s legislative priorities for 2017.

Bethany Sherrer, Associate, by email or call 678.303.9273.

Christiana Craddock, Legislative Assistant, by email or call 678.303.9271.

e-News from the Capitol

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