2018 House of Delegates Handbook

Speaker's Letter
Westin Map
Convention Center Map
Campaign Guidelines
House of Delegates Procedures
Parlimentary Procedures
Items of Business
Reference Committee Referrals

Order of Business

1st Session Order of Business
President's Installation
Final Session Order of Business
CMS Member Delegates
Section Member Delegates
Specialty Society Member Delegates
Candidates for Election
Director/Alternate Director, District and County Elections
Reference Committees


Certificates of Appreciation
Life Members
Deceased Members
In Memoriam

Reports of Officers and Directors

President's Report
1st District
2nd District
3rd District
4th District
5th District
6th District
7th District
8th District
9th District
10th District
Bibb County
Clayton - Fayette - Henry
Cobb County
Crawford Long
DeKalb County
Dougherty County
Georgia Medical Society
Gwinnett - Forsyth
Hall County
Medical Association of Atlanta
Muscogee County
Richmond County

Section Reports

International Medical Graduates Section
Young Physicians Section
Resident and Fellows Section
Medical Students Section

Special reports

MAG Foundation
MAG Alliance
MAG Institute
Physician's Foundation

Reports of Committees

Council on Legislation
Continuing Medical Education
Correctional Medicine

Summary of House Actions

2017 Summary

Consent Calendar
Committee on Annual Session


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Resolution 101A
Resolution 102A
Resolution 103A
Resolution 104A
Resolution 105A
Resolution 106A
Resolution 107A
Resolution 108A
Resolution 109A
Resolution 110A
Resolution 111A

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Resolution 301C
Resolution 302C
Resolution 303C
Resolution 304C
Resolution 305C
Resolution 306C
Resolution 307C
Resolution 308C
Resolution 309C
Resolution 310C
Resolution 311C
Resolution 312C
Resolution 313C
Resolution 314C

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Treasurer Report
AMA Report

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CON Report
Resolution 601R
Resolution 602R
Resolution 603R
Resolution 604R
Resolution 605R
Resolution 606R