2020 House of Delegates

MAG HOD 2020 Update

MAG HOD delegates,  

We wanted to provide you with an update on the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) House of Delegates (HOD) meeting, which is scheduled to take place at the Westin Jekyll Island/Jekyll Island Convention Center on October 16-18. 

MAG continues to monitor COVID-19 developments and will modify the HOD meeting as needed and appropriate. This includes working hand-in-hand with the Westin and Convention Center, which are following the appropriate state and CDC guidelines (e.g., processes and procedures, spacing, capacity, etc.). 

Our goal is to make a decision(s) about the HOD (i.e., meeting in-person or on a virtual basis) by August 1. 

If the decision is made to meet in-person, we will distribute a meeting registration overview email at that time that will include details on lodging and meals.    

If the decision is made to meet on a virtual basis, we will distribute details on how the resolution submission process will work ASAP.  

Please contact Eboni Cross at ecross@mag.org with any questions.


Edmund R. Donoghue Jr., M.D.
Speaker, Medical Association of Georgia

James Barber, M.D.
Vice Speaker, Medical Association of Georgia

Candidates for Office

President-Elect – Frederick C. Flandry, Columbus                                

First Vice President – James L. Smith, Lawrenceville (Automatic Succession)

Second Vice President – Fonda A. Mitchell, Atlanta | Candidate Letter

Speaker of the House of Delegates – Edmund R. Donoghue, Savannah | Candidate Letter

Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates – James W. Barber, Douglas

AMA Delegate (terms to end 2022)

Seat currently held by John S. Antalis –  John S. Antalis, Dalton 

New AMA Delegate Seat – Jack M. Chapman, Jr., Gainesville 

AMA Alternate Delegates (terms to end 2022)

Seat currently held by Charles L. Wilmer – Charles L. Wilmer, Atlanta

Seat current held by Jack M. Chapman, Jr. – Shamie Das, Decatur 

New AMA Alternate Delegate Seat – Zachary Lopater, Macon