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MAG delegates asked to register for second/final 2020 HOD Zoom session ASAP

Fellow HOD delegates,  

You should register for an online “Zoom” meeting that will take place at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 17 to participate in the final session of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) 2020 House of Delegates (HOD).

During this session, the HOD will consider the reference committee reports – keeping in mind that the reference committees are meeting next week. See the HOD schedule below for the reference committee meeting times and dates.  

We must have a quorum (i.e., 40 or more delegates) to conduct the business of the House, so it is essential for you to register for this event if you are a delegate.

Delegates must use a laptop or desktop computer or a tablet that has audio and speaker capabilities, and they must sign up for a free Zoom account and install the Zoom software on their device. Delegates will not be able to participate in this year’s HOD meetings using a phone. 

All delegates should review the reference committee consent calendar that will be posted on the HOD page on MAG’s website on October 12 before this meeting.

This Zoom meeting is limited to delegates. You will need to click here to sign up for a free Zoom account to register for this meeting if you don’t already have a Zoom account. All others – including alternate delegates, CMS and specialty society executives, other MAG members, and approved guests – will be able to watch the proceedings on MAG's YouTube channel (see the second registration link below).  

MAG will not use its app during this year’s HOD – so the relevant information will be posted on the HOD page on MAG’s website. 

Contact Ryan Larosa at 404.934.6191 or rlarosa@mag.org or Mandi Milligan at 404.906.0579 or mmilligan@mag.org for assistance with Zoom. Contact Eboni Cross at 404.938.4816 or ecross@mag.org with any delegate registration or other HOD questions.

MAG staff will begin the Zoom meeting one hour before the meeting begins on October 17 to answer any technical questions.

Delegates can call 404.299.7700 with any Zoom questions during the meeting on October 17.

The House will adjourn as soon as business is completed, but our goal is to end this meeting by the early afternoon on October 17.

We recognize that we face some unique challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we appreciate and value your time – and you have our assurance that we will continue to work with MAG staff to do everything that we can to make the process for this year’s virtual HOD as efficient and productive as possible.


Edmund R. Donoghue Jr., M.D.
Speaker, Medical Association of Georgia 

Jim Barber, M.D.
Vice Speaker, Medical Association of Georgia 

Delegates click here to register for October 17 HOD Zoom meeting

Non-delegates click here to register to watch October 17 HOD meeting

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– Vice Speaker: James Barber, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery, Douglas | Candidate Letter Bio

– First Vice President: James “J.”  Smith, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Lawrenceville (automatic succession) Bio

– Second Vice President: Fonda Mitchell, M.D., OB-GYN, Duluth Candidate Letter | Bio

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