RPFS Governing Council

Shoheb Ali, M.D.
Chair/MAG HOD Delegate

Brandon Kirshner, M.D.

Vice-Chair & HOD Alternate Delegate

Maegan Lazaga, M.D.

Kilby Osborn, M.D.

Resident Physician and Fellows Section (RPFS)

With 7,800 members from every specialty and practice setting, the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is the leading advocate for physicians in the state. MAG helps its members by addressing a wide array of issues in the legislative and legal and third party payer arenas.

The primary role of MAG’s Resident Physician and Fellows Section (RPFS) is to improve graduate medical education in the state. The RPFS is led by a governing council. The RPFS is also entitled to send representatives to MAG’s annual House of Delegates policy-making meeting.

Any physician who is in an approved residency or fellowship training program in Georgia can join MAG’s RPFS. RPFS dues are $75 for the duration of the physician’s residency or fellowship.

Click here or contact Renai Lilly at rililly@mag.org or 678.303.9263 to join MAG’s RPFS.