Dr. Fonda Mitchell makes the case for GAMPAC (video)

Fonda Mitchell, M.D., recently recorded a video to appeal to her fellow physicians in Georgia to join GAMPAC, the Medical Association of Georgia’s non-partisan political action committee that elects pro-physician candidates at the state level…

“It has never been more important for us, as physicians, to be united in our advocacy efforts in Georgia,” says GAMPAC Chair Michelle Zeanah, M.D. “State lawmakers are considering important legislation that will influence our patients and our profession in significant ways.”

She adds that, “It is essential for physicians to support legislators who are strong advocates for the medical profession and patient-centered health care – which is why I urge you to join GAMPAC today.”

Finally, Dr. Zeanah explains that, “Physicians can join GAMPAC at the membership level that suits their needs – whether that’s the Chairman’s Circle at $2,500 or the Capitol Club at $1,000 or the general membership level at $250 – in a few simple steps by visiting the GAMPAC website or calling 770.312.5288.”

Contact Bethany Sherrer at bsherrer@mag.org or 678.303.9273 with questions related to GAMPAC.

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