Georgia AMA delegation chair promoting ‘Southeast News’

Bill Clark, M.D., the chair of Georgia’s delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) and the chair of AMA’s Southeastern Delegation, is encouraging physicians in Georgia to review the Southeastern Delegation’s ‘Southeast News’ newsletter. 

“One of the ways that the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) participates with the AMA, and especially AMA’s House of Delegates, is through the Southeastern Delegation (SED) to the AMA,” says Dr. Clark. “It is a powerful way we leverage the policies that are adopted by MAG’s House of Delegates to help direct national policy. In AMA's HOD of more than 500 delegates, we increase our impact from five delegates (i.e., Georgia delegation) to 115 delegates (i.e., SED total).”   

Dr. Clark adds that, “This newsletter contains useful information to assist smaller practices with the MIPS process, as well as some very timely information about ongoing AMA initiatives on behalf of all our practices that will improve our ability to provide more meaningful patient care going forward.”

Click for AMA ‘Southeast News’