Group encouraging physicians to register for Georgia lung cancer forum

The Georgia Lung Cancer Roundtable (GLCRT) is encouraging physicians and other health care professionals who work across the lung cancer screening continuum in the state to register for the ‘Second Annual Georgia Lung Cancer Roundtable Forum,’ which will take place at the WellStar Development Center in Atlanta from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6 – an event that will be presented by the WellStar Health System.

GLCRT explains that, “In Georgia, lung cancer accounts for nearly 30 percent of all cancer deaths, making it the leading cancer killer for both men and women. Eighty percent of those with lung cancer present in an advanced stage, when treatment is less likely to be effective. Through the efforts of GLCRT, we will continue our vision of making Georgia the nation’s leader in detecting lung cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage.”

It adds that, “This will largely be a working meeting, with the intended outcome of each workgroup finalizing their 2019 projects in provider awareness, quality and standards, smoking cessation and prevention, access and navigation, and policy.” 

November is lung cancer awareness month.

GLCRT is an initiative of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium (GC3) that is supported by the American Cancer Society. GLCRT’s goal is to improve lung cancer screening rates and to reduce the incidence and mortality of lung cancer.

The event will get underway with a light breakfast beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Contact Kelly Durden at with questions.

In a related development, GLCRT is encouraging physicians to take advantage of two sample colorectal cancer screening algorithms, including one addressing the ‘2018 American Cancer Society (ACS) Guideline’ and one addressing the ‘ACS Recommendation to Start Screening at Age 50.’

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Click for ‘Sample Colorectal Cancer Screening Algorithm (2018 ACS Guideline)’

Click for ‘Sample Colorectal Cancer Screening Algorithm (Recommendation to Start Screening at Age 50)’