KAMMCO develops HIE 'dashboard' to combat opioid misuse

KAMMCO distributed the following press release on December 4…

Building upon its commitment to quality and patient safety, KAMMCO released a new ‘Opioid/Controlled Substances’ dashboard for physicians, hospitals and behavioral health providers participating in the KAMMCO network of health information exchanges. The tool supplements the existing Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) currently available in most states.

Laura McCrary, Ed.D, senior vice president of KAMMCO, notes, “The KAMMCO tool builds upon a more comprehensive set of data than the PDMP, which only captures filled prescription data, and does not include medications which are administered to patients in healthcare facilities. The new dashboard provides participating clinicians with the list of opioids/controlled substances prescribed or administered to a clinician’s patients even before a prescription is filled at the pharmacy.”

The tool utilizes data from the physician-led KAMMCO network of health information exchanges [including HealtheParadigm in Georgia] and is available to prescribing providers and their designated delegates.

To develop this advanced analytics tool, the KAMMCO Analytics and Business Intelligence team worked with a multi-disciplinary group of practicing physicians to assess how health information exchange data could better inform physicians regarding their patients’ history of opioid/controlled substance use. The tool allows clinicians to identify individuals in their patient population who received at least one prescription/administration of opioids/controlled substances, by facility and date range up to 12 months, and also displays the top five opioid medications prescribed/administered to their patients.

As a leader in patient safety, KAMMCO provides physicians with access to aggregate clinical data from the health information exchange through secure web-based dashboards. Additional analytic dashboards available to KAMMCO network participants include: High Risk Patients, 30 Day Readmissions, Disease Registries, Health Care Utilization, Behavioral Health, Preventive Care Quality Reporting and Polychronic Conditions. Participants may also request custom ad-hoc reports.

The Opioid/Controlled Substances dashboard is available to participating physicians and health systems as a part of the KAMMCO physician-led health information exchanges in Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, Missouri, and Louisiana. All exchanges are delivered in partnership with the state medical societies.

Go to www.KAMMCO.com for additional information on KAMMCO. 

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