Leading cardiologist discusses heart failure care on ‘Top Docs Radio’    

Amin Yehya, M.D., M.S., FACC, FHFSA – an advanced heart failure and heart transplant cardiologist who is the medical director for advanced heart failure services at Piedmont Rockdale Hospital and a clinical assistant professor at Augusta University and Mercer University – discusses the causes of heart failure and heart failure care on the latest episode of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs Radio’ show.  

Dr. Yehya addresses… 

– The causes of heart failure
– The different kinds of heart failure
– How heart failure patients generally present to physicians
– How physicians diagnose heart failure
– How physicians treat patients who have heart failure
– The treatment options for patients who don’t respond to medical therapy
– The lifestyle changes that heart failure patients can be expected to make

Dr. Yehya wrote a book – Heart Failure: What a Non-Heart Failure Specialist Needs to Know – that is available on Nova Science Publishers’ website.

It is also worth noting that Dr. Yehya is a member of the MAG Institute for Excellence in Medicine’s Board of Directors and the Medical Association of Atlanta’s Board of Directors.  

MAG sponsors at least two ‘Top Docs Radio’ episodes per month. Between downloads and live listeners, the program has reached more than 280,000 listeners – which includes people in all 50 states and more than 80 countries. 

MAG’s ‘Top Docs Radio’ show is supported with a grant from the Alliant Health Group in memory of Tom Williams, its former CEO.

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