MAG 401(k) Plan advisor names president/CEO

ACG Wealth distributed the following press release on June 9…

ACG Wealth has named Greg Fink president and chief executive officer.

"Greg brings more than 20 years of experience in the business and management of RIAs," said Jody Young, founding partner, ACG Wealth. "He knows investing and trading, having cut his teeth at the large institutional firms including Fidelity, Northern Trust and Bank of America. He is tasked with continuing our momentum and taking ACG Wealth to the next level."

The firm is embarking on a growth track aimed at providing the best platform for advisors and working with ultra-high net worth clients on their investments and comprehensive planning.

"Jeff Shaver, Jody Young and David Millican launched ACG Wealth 15 years ago after spending years succeeding at the big wirehouses because they had a better system for advisors and high-net worth clients," said Fink. "They have grown it from $80 million in assets to $1.8 billion over that time. The future is incredibly bright for ACG Wealth and I am excited to be a part of it." 

Fink previously served as a vice president at Fidelity Investments' Clearing & Custody Services business unit, where he was responsible for custody, clearing and the practice management of the largest Registered Investment Advisor firms (RIAs) throughout the Southeast. He is an expert in RIAs. ACG Wealth has acquired 14 RIAs from across the country, successfully bringing the advisors and their clients onto the ACG Wealth hybrid platform. This includes personal, concierge-style service usually associated with family offices, as well as access to traditional investments (stocks, bonds, ETFs) and alternative investments including private equity.  

The key to ACG Wealth's growth has been its culture and strategically acquiring firms that share that culture, which is defined by intelligence, research, technology, transparency and accessibility. 

"The three of us knew what we wanted to do when we got started, and to this day we share a vision," said Young. "This is an important transition for ACG Wealth. We got it up off the ground, and now Greg, who has spent his career succeeding on the business side of RIAs, is going to ensure ACG Wealth continues to grow by maintaining a client-centered focus and attracting the top financial professionals." 

The three founding partners will remain with the firm and will continue to play important roles in its ongoing success. Jeff Shaver will head the Private Wealth Group, while Jody Young will manage acquisitions. David Millican is heading the over-arching business, which includes ACG Wealth and Arkadios Capital, a newly formed independent broker/dealer. 

Editor’s note: ACG Wealth is the exclusive advisor of the Medical Association of Georgia 401(k) Plan. Click here for details on the MAG 401(k) Plan.