MAG, others laud CMS for ‘Patients Over Paperwork’ initiative     

The Medical Association of Georgia was one of more than 150 physicians’ and allied health professionals’ organizations that signed a letter to “strongly support” the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) ‘Patients Over Paperwork’ initiative – which is designed to reduce the “administrative burdens for physicians and other health care professionals so that they can devote more time to patient care.”

The letter points out that, “The proposals included in the 2019 Medicare physician payment rule demonstrate that [CMS] listened to our members’ concerns about the significant administrative burdens due to the documentation requirements associated with Evaluation and Management (E/M) services. We are grateful for your efforts to simplify these requirements and reduce their associated red tape.”

The letter also urges CMS to immediately adopt several key policy changes, including…

– “Changing the required documentation of the patient’s history to focus only on the interval history since the previous visit.”

– “Eliminating the requirement for physicians to re-document information that has already been documented in the patient’s record by practice staff or by the patient.”

– “Removing the need to justify providing a home visit instead of an office visit.”

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