MAG among groups calling for CMS to remove OPP reporting requirements  

The Medical Association of Georgia was one of the stakeholder groups that signed a letter that the American Medical Association (AMA) submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to address the Open Payments Program (OPP) reporting requirements for educational materials (e.g., peer-reviewed journals, journal reprints, and medical textbooks) and continuing medical education (CME) programs. 

The letter states that, “We have long believed that [CMS’] decision to include educational materials and CME programs as reportable transfers of value is contrary to both the statute and congressional intent and has harmed patient care by impeding ongoing efforts to improve the quality of care through timely medical education.”        

The letter also emphasizes that…

– “CMS’ decision to require reporting of medical textbooks and journal reprints make it more difficult for busy physicians to stay abreast of the latest advances in medical care.”

– “The reporting guidance pertaining to CME continues to be misinterpreted with many manufacturers overreporting.”

The letter concludes that, “[CMS’] positions on educational materials and CME have prevented the timely distribution of rigorous scientifically reviewed medical information to clinicians, thereby undermining efforts to improve the quality of care. As clinicians, patients and providers of health care we know that these resources are critical for patient care and we request that you remove the reporting requirements limiting their use.”

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