MAG among nearly 60 groups to call for PAMA action

The Medical Association of Georgia was one of nearly 60 physicians’ advocacy organizations that signed a letter that was sent to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to express concern over the “the potential impacts of PAMA (Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014) on patient access to critical rapid clinical testing services offered to patients while they are receiving medical care in their physician’s office.” 

The letter states that, “Rapid, accurate patient testing in a physician’s office is invaluable to early diagnosis of a range of conditions. This type of testing plays a critical role in the treatment of acute illness, as well as in the ongoing management of chronic disease. It can also help avoid emergency care situations resulting in hospitalization.”

It also notes that “…if the costs for providing these services at some point exceed the reimbursement for these tests, it will become impossible for these essential services to be provided to patients by their physicians when first presenting with a problem or during regular visits for ongoing management of disease. Initial projections on the impacts of PAMA on patient testing show significant cause for concern that this scenario may become reality when new PAMA payment rates are implemented on January 1, 2018.” 

The letter also outlines several steps that the groups believe CMS should take to “help mitigate potential negative impacts on patient care (related to PAMA).” 

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