MAG celebrates 100th episode of ‘Top Docs Radio’

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) recently recorded the 100th episode of its ‘Top Docs Radio’ show.

“Given interesting and important subject matter, great guests, and a generous grant from Alliant Health Solutions, the Top Docs Radio show has evolved into one of MAG’s most important and popular communications platforms,” says MAG Director of Communications Tom Kornegay. “It’s exciting to know that we have now reached more than 430,000 people in all 50 states and more than 80 countries since we recorded our first program at the end of 2014.”

Kornegay explains that, “Our objectives for Top Docs Radio include building MAG’s brand and reputation, disseminating information that enables physicians and patients and other stakeholders – including legislators and regulators – to make better decisions, and enhancing MAG’s value proposition by giving its members a stage to address their key issues.”

Recent 'Top Docs Radio' shows have addressed obesity and bariatric surgery, lung cancer screening, brain health, diabetes prevention, opioid misuse, the shingles and meningitis vaccines, LGBTQ care, medical economics, and advance directives. Some of the shows that are in the works will address APRN oversight, anxiety disorders, systemic empathy, physician wellness, and a new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) opioid prescribing mapping tool.  

In addition to state legislators and a diverse mix of MAG member physicians, the Q&A-style “Facebook videocast” has featured high-profile guests like Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, former Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vernon Keenan, Region IV CMS Medical Director Richard Wild, M.D., and then-Georgia Composite Medical Board Chair Dan DeLoach, M.D.

Kornegay stresses that, “We have made a strategic effort to address a variety of important practice management and health care issues that are timely and that will appeal to our members and their patients and other key stakeholders. It is also clear that the show has established a great following – as we have had an average audience of more than 13,500 per episode since the beginning of 2019.”

In addition to video recordings on Facebook, the program is available as a podcast on AppleGoogleSpotify, and Stitcher.

MAG generally distributes the ‘Top Docs Radio’ show – which is hosted by C.W. Hall and MAG CEO Donald J. Palmisano Jr. – at least twice a month.

MAG’s ‘Top Docs Radio’ show is supported with a grant from Health Care Research, a subsidiary of Alliant Health Solutions – which “provides federal and state government entities with the services, expertise and information systems necessary to increase the effectiveness, accessibility and value of health care.”

Every ‘Top Docs Radio’ show is available at

Contact Kornegay at 678.303.9260 or with questions related to the ‘Top Docs Radio’ show.