MAG files pro-physician brief in statute of limitations case

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) has filed an amicus brief to support 24 On Physicians, P.C., (Jeffrey Mitchell, M.D.) and Alunda E. Hunt, M.D., in a wrongful death lawsuit that will be considered by the Georgia Court of Appeals in which the plaintiffs (a father and his daughter) allege a patient (their wife and mother) suffered brain injuries and died of hypoglycemic shock as a result of the defendants’ negligence. 

According to Medical Association of Georgia Legal Analyst Kimberly Ramseur, “The plaintiffs filed multiple lawsuits accompanied by four expert affidavits since the beginning of 2013 – although the two physician defendants in this case were not accused on any wrongdoing until very late in the process.”

She explains that, “The plaintiffs originally focused their case on errors they maintain were made by the hospital’s nursing staff. But during one of the final depositions, an expert witness physician expressed concerns about the care that was provided by a third physician (Mohsin Syed, M.D., who tried to resuscitate the patient after she went into shock) who was not named in the original complaints or the previous affidavits.”

Ramseur says, “The defendants moved for summary judgment, pointing out that neither their actions, nor the other physician’s actions, were mentioned in any affidavit prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations. The trial court agreed and granted the defendant’s motion.” 

Ramseur stresses that, “This case is important for physicians for a precedence standpoint because of the protection that is afforded by statutes of limitations, which help ensure that our legal system is fair and balanced.” 

MAG members can contact Ramseur at or 678.303.9274 with questions.    

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