MAG one of more than 70 groups calling for meeting to address MOC reform

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is one of more than 70 physicians’ advocacy organizations that signed a letter that was sent to the American Board of American Specialties (ABAS) to express physicians’ concerns surrounding maintenance of certification (MOC) process.

The letter “[questions the usefulness of the high-stakes [MOC] exam, the exorbitant costs of the MOC process, and the lack of transparent communication from the certifying boards have led to damaging the MOC brand, and creating state-based attacks on the MOC process.” 

It also notes that there is “unanimity amongst the national medical specialty society and state medical society leaders in wanting to work with the leaders of our certifying boards to ensure physician self-regulation.” 

Finally, the letter proposes a “(December 4) meeting of the leadership of the certifying boards, medical specialty societies, and state medical societies to discuss this crisis and plan a solution.”

MAG has been a leading advocate for MOC reform at the state and national levels. 

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