MAG promoting ‘End the Surprise Insurance Gap’ video

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is encouraging physicians and medical practice staff across the state to promote a new ‘End the Surprise Insurance Gap’ video with their patients and thru any social media channels.   

MAG and the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians and the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia recently kicked-off the ‘End the Surprise Insurance Gap’ campaign with a rally at the State Capitol.

MAG President Steven M. Walsh, M.D., called for state lawmakers to put an end to balance billing in emergency care settings by passing legislation that will address the “surprise coverage gap” that has been created by health insurers.

Dr. Walsh stressed that, “Physicians have seen their patients’ financial burden increase in dramatic ways as health insurance companies have narrowed their networks.”

He also pointed out that, “A lot of patients do their research and try to do the right thing and go to a hospital that is in their insurance network (during an emergency), but they generally don’t have any way of knowing when a doctor they need to see is in or out of the network.”

And Dr. Walsh emphasized that, “Emergency department physicians want to be included in these networks. The problem is that health insurers often offer physicians inadequate, take-it-or-leave-it deals – forcing them to opt out of the network. The insurers wash their hands of medical bills they should cover. This harms the patient and undermines the doctor-patient relationship.”

Contact MAG Executive Director Donald J. Palmisano Jr. at with questions related to the ‘End the Surprise Insurance Gap’ campaign.

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