MAG supports effort to 'kill' faxes by 2020

The Medical Association of Georgia was one of seven state medical associations that signed a letter that was sent to the Centers or Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to support its challenge to eliminate fax machines from medical practices by 2020.

MAG endorses HealtheParadigm, which is promoting KAMMCO’s ‘#KILLTHEFAX’ campaign.

KAMMCO is a physician-led health information network that helps physicians “improve patient outcomes and adapt to the new performance-based payment models.” In addition to Georgia (i.e., HealtheParadigm), KAMMCO is also operating in Kansas, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, Missouri, and Louisiana.

MAG members who would like to find out how HealtheParadigm can help them eliminate fax machines at their practice should contact Ryan Larosa at or 678.303.9256. 

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