MAG to effect change in MOC as member of new Vision Commission

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) will play a key leadership role in reforming maintenance of certification (MOC) programs for physicians – as the Continuing Board Certification (CBC) has announced that MAG Executive Director Donald J. Palmisano Jr. has been selected to serve on its new ‘Vision Initiative Commission.’

According to CBC, the Commission will be “responsible for assessing the status of continuing board certification and making recommendations to help enable the current process to become a system that demonstrates the profession’s commitment to professional self-regulation, offers a consistent and clear understanding of what continuing certification means, and establishes a meaningful, relevant and valuable program that meets the highest standard of quality patient care.”

“This is a great development for physicians in Georgia,” says MAG President Frank McDonald, M.D., M.B.A. “MAG is going to have a seat at the table, which means that we will be able to take an active role in fixing the broken MOC system.”

Palmisano is one of just 25 Commission members who were selected from 176 nominations from across the U.S. 

CBC explains that, “The Commission will begin [its work] by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current continuing board certification system. Feedback will be obtained from various stakeholders through multiple methods including a survey that is now open for input. The Commission will hold hearings and seek feedback on concepts and ideas during the process and will periodically release public reports about their findings.”

It also notes that, “The Commission’s final recommendations will be submitted to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and its Member Boards on February 1, 2019.”

The Vision Initiative website – – allows physicians to “actively engage in the process through a dedicated section for feedback and input.”

In a related development, ABMS recently released a summary of a ‘National Medical Specialty Societies and State Medical Societies Summit on Maintenance of Certification’ that took place in December.

The summary was “drafted, edited and approved by Hal Lawrence, M.D. (representing S2C2, national medical societies), Donald J. Palmisano Jr. (representing AAMSE, state medical associations) and Lois Nora, M.D. (representing ABMS, member boards).”

ABMS says the summary “captures the major themes, concerns and issues discussed at the [group’s] first joint meeting…”

The introduction notes that, “In recent years, physicians have grown increasingly concerned with the costs, variation, and relevance of the [MOC] programs established by [ABMS] and [its] member boards. Physicians have increasingly felt threatened by the high-stakes exam, and [they] feel that MOC has incorrectly become a de facto requirement for licensure, credentialing, and reimbursement.”

MAG has been a leading advocate for MOC reform at the state and national levels. Palmisano served on one of the summit’s panel discussions, while Dr. McDonald took an active role in the meeting.

Contact Palmisano at with questions.

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