PAI unveils MACRA QPP resource center

The Physicians Advocacy Institute (PAI) recently unveiled a ‘MACRA QPP Physician Education Initiative’ – a “new, PAI website-based resource center [that is] live and available to medical associations and physicians across the nation.”  

PAI says the resources include… 

– 24 stand-alone issue briefs that provide a “comprehensive, detailed understanding of the program, including MIPS/APM tracks, reporting mechanisms and much more”

– A ‘10-Step Guide’ to “navigating the QPP for physicians”

– A searchable, online FAQ resource 

– “Five taped webinars and accompanying slide decks that allow physicians to learn more about specific aspects of the program”

PAI’s mission is to “advance fair and transparent payment policies and contractual practices by payers and others in order to sustain the profession of medicine for the benefit of patients.” 

Medical Association of Georgia Executive Director Donald J. Palmisano Jr. serves on PAI’s Board of Directors. 

Click for PAI’s ‘MACRA QPP Resource Center’ 

Click for PAI’s website