Rep. Mark Newton, M.D., to serve as chief deputy whip for 2019-2020

The Georgia House of Representatives distributed the following press release on January 18…

Georgia House Majority Whip Trey Kelley (R-Cedartown) today announced the appointment of a new Chief Deputy Whip, State Representative Mark Newton (R-Augusta).

“I am thankful to Majority Whip Kelley and the rest of the House Majority Caucus leadership for giving me this chance to serve the citizens of Georgia as well as our caucus,” said Rep. Newton. “It is a humbling opportunity to be able to serve in this leadership capacity as we continue to build on the great work of the Majority Caucus.”

Members of the majority whip team and the Chief Deputy, in particular, play a critical role by monitoring legislation as it moves through both chambers of the General Assembly and by helping members of the majority caucus to better understand the details of bills and resolutions.

“I’m honored to have Representative Newton serve alongside me as Chief Deputy Whip,” said Majority Whip Kelley. “Dr. Newton is a Desert Storm Veteran, doctor and small business owner. I am confident he will be an asset to the Majority Whip Team and our State.”

In addition to being named Chief Deputy Whip, Rep. Newton was also recently appointed to the Special Committee on Access to Quality Health Care for the 2019-2020 legislative term. This committee follows the recommendations of the House Rural Development Council that the House of Representatives review the regulatory environment for healthcare providers and facilities in the State of Georgia.

Rep. Newton was also appointed as Vice Chair of the Health & Human Services Committee and a member of the Ways & Means Committee.