Rep. Sharon Cooper discusses key health care issues on ‘Top Docs Radio’  

Georgia Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-Marietta) discusses the goals of a Georgia House of Representatives Health & Human Services (HHS) Subcommittee – which will address opioid alternatives, e-prescribing, syringe services, step therapy, bariatric surgery for State Health Benefit Plan enrollees, and other key health care issues – that she will head up in the coming months on the latest episode of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs Radio’ show.

The chair of the House HHS Committee explains that, “In addition to the devastating number of lives that are being lost, the opioid overdose epidemic is costing our state millions of dollars in medical treatment and lost economic productivity. One of the steps that we should take is to get health insurers to cover less-addictive and alternative treatments.”

Rep. Cooper also points out that, “E-prescribing can become a useful tool for physicians and other health care providers, but there are a number of barriers that we need to address before that can reach its full potential.”

And Rep. Cooper – who is a registered nurse – stresses that, “Drug abuse and misuse also exposes our citizens to infections from HIV and Hepatitis B and C, so we can make a huge impact by offering syringe services programs at the point of care, especially when it comes to underserved populations, including education, counseling, testing, and drug abuse treatment and recovery.”

The five-member study committee will hold a series of meetings across the state during the summer months, and it is charged with developing legislative recommendations that lawmakers can consider during the 2019 General Assembly.

Rep. Cooper has sponsored key legislation that has been enacted in Georgia, including an HIV screening bill for pregnant women, the Georgia’s Smoke Free Air Act, and the Health Share Volunteers in Medicine Act. It is also worth noting that she was married to the late Tom Cooper, M.D., who co-founded MAG’s ‘Doctor of the Day’ program at the State Capitol.

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