Virtual group promoting med/opioid pledge initiative 

Healthcare Communities is promoting the ‘Medication Management and Opioid (MMO) Initiative,’ which is designed to “generate commitments from clinicians, practices and improvement networks and organizations to be in action by signing [an] MMO Pledge.” The group says the effort is aligned with “national action towards improving medication management and opioid misuse.”

The pledge’s key provisions include… 

– “[Educating] ourselves and our team, to refer patients to appropriate resources or implement into our practice…”

– “[Ensuring] persons with opioid use disorder are treated in a respectful and person-centered manner.”

– “[Leveraging and aligning] with existing programs and initiatives, as appropriate, to combat opioid misuse…”

– “[Identifying and reporting] on successes and best practices and spread within the TCPI Community and other partner communities (e.g., QIN-QIOs, QPP SURs, HIINs).”

Healthcare Communities is a “collection of nearly 70 virtual communities allowing individuals in different health care-related organizations to work together on shared interests and goals, regardless of location.”

Click for MMO Initiative web/pledge page