MAG MRC COVID-19 Response Team

The Medical Association of Georgia Medical Reserve Corps (MAG MRC) is encouraging physicians and allied health care professionals – including retired physicians, PAs, APRNs, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, medical students, and fourth-year pharmacy students – to volunteer for its COVID-19 Response Team.

The MAG MRC COVID-19 Response Team is expected to be used in an array of ways in the coming weeks. Most of these volunteers are expected to serve in their area, whether that’s working at a health care facility or using a telehealth option – but it is possible that some will be asked to travel to other parts of the state if the virus overwhelms a community’s health care capacity. Note that there are telemedicine-only and local clinics-only options.

MAG MRC COVID-19 Response Team candidates must…

1. Go to to register with SERVGA, selecting the “MAG MRC” as the applicable organization.

2. Go to and complete and submit the questionnaire, which is a Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) registration requirement. This information will reside on a HIPAA-approved server.

3. Go to to complete and submit the required forms.

MAG MRC COVID-19 Response Team volunteers will be covered by liability and workers’ compensation protection, as…

– Registering with SERVGA provides liability protection under Georgia’s ‘Good Samaritan’ laws and related declared emergency statutes.

– They will automatically become temporary members of the GSDF, which means that they will have workers’ compensation protection.

Contact Fred Jones at with questions.


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