MAG Tort Reform Fund

Along with being the leading advocates for the tort reform that was enacted in Georgia in 2005, MAG and MagMutual are protecting physicians in the state by…

– Promoting legislation that will eliminate “phantom damages,” which are based on how much a medical provider bills versus what they’re actually paid – something that can lead to much higher awards

– Advocating for the modernization of Georgia’s ‘Civil Practice Act’ to improve and streamline the med-mal process

– Providing lawmakers with benchmarking and other data they need to make good decisions

But MAG needs your help to avoid a full-blown emergency that forces physicians to cut back on high-risk services, retire early, or leave Georgia because they can’t afford or obtain medical malpractice insurance.

Keep in mind that…

– Five of Georgia’s top 25 2018 verdicts were for med-mal – including $31 million for a case in Clayton County and $18 million for a case in Chatham County

– Georgia now ranks 9th in the U.S. for med-mal payment severity, and it is much higher than neighboring states

– The number of paid med-mal claims in Georgia have increased by 50 percent since 2016

– Georgia is ranked near the bottom (41st) in the U.S Chamber’s 2019 Lawsuit Climate Survey

– The average payout for Georgia medical liability cases reported to the NPDB increased from $476,000 in 2016 to $495,000 in 2018

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Contact Derek Norton at with questions related to MAG’s tort reform efforts.

“Our new reality is that the number of medical malpractice lawsuits is increasing, plaintiffs are winning more often, and the awards are getting bigger.” – MAG President Rutledge Forney, M.D.

“Unfortunately, the pendulum is swinging in the other direction – so it’s clear that some of the Georgia Supreme Court decisions have eroded some of the tort reform gains that we achieved in 2005.” – MagMutual Executive Chairman Joe Wilson Jr., M.D.

“We used to see a $25 million verdict once every five years. Now it’s something we see every year.” – Dan J. Huff, Esq., Huff Powell & Bailey, LLC

U.S. Chamber 2019 Lawsuit Climate ‘Ranking the States’ Survey