Georgia’s Resilience Innovation Team (G.R.I.T.)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24/7 support) 800.273.8255

Supporting Georgia’s Health Care Workforce

Health care professionals in Georgia are among the everyday superheroes who have continued to demonstrate superhuman courage and commitment during this 21st century pandemic. After multiple surges, we are now transitioning to the “reduction phase,” when the demands for medical resources are trending down and behavioral health challenges (e.g., grief, mourning, PTSD) are trending up. As we adjust to prolonged burdens of disease and death from COVID-19, we should engage members of the health care workforce and health care administration to assist in mobilizing resources; strengthening infrastructures; and integrating innovative strategies to restore our well-being and maintain our resilience.

With a generous grant from Alliant Health Solutions, Georgia’s Resilience Innovation Team (G.R.I.T.) was created by the Medical Association of Georgia’s Health Care Resilience Task Force to promote available resources to help physicians become champions who collaborate with their clinical teams (nurses), physicians-in-training, and administrators to address the myriad of challenges associated with the pandemic’s reduction phase.

The goal of G.R.I.T. is to empower Georgia’s physicians to change the conversation and the culture regarding well-being, burnout, and resiliency within every segment of the health care system.