YPS Governing Council

Natalee Wilson, MD

Chair Elect
Shamie Das, MD, MBA, MPH  

Zach Lopater, MD, MPH

Tameka Byrd, DO, MPH

MAG HOD Delegate
Tameka Byrd, DO, MPH

Alternate HOD Delegate

AMA Delegate
Shamie Das, MD, MBA, MPH

AMA Delegate
Zachary Lopater, MD, MPH

Member at Large
Chris McAdams MD 

Member at Large

The mission of the MAG Young Physician Section (YPS) is to strengthen the value of MAG to young physicians by…

– Being the voice of young physicians through policy development and advocacy.

– Promoting young physician leadership within MAG.

– Providing a forum for the education and dissemination of information unique to the needs of young physicians.

The YPS is led by a governing council and has a voting seat on MAG’s Board of Directors. It is also represented at MAG’s House of Delegates. MAG members who are under the age of 40 or are within their first eight years of practice automatically become YPS members.


Tameka Byrd, D.O., MPH, MAG YPS Delegate 

“I joined MAG because of the opportunity to influence policy decisions that affect how I practice medicine and ultimately how I care for my patients. I believe patients need  physicians to be champions to promote and implement changes which is possible through MAG.

“Being a MAG member allows me to join with other physicians to advocate for my peers with the common goal of improving the medical profession. I attended my first HOD while still a resident physician which empowered me to remain involved. Now as a practicing physician, I look forward to HOD to promote vital policies and network with my fellow colleagues.”

Tracey L. Henry, M.D., MPH, MAG YPS Chair 

“I joined MAG because of my policy and advocacy background. I firmly believe that if you want to make change for our patients, population and profession, you have to be at the table and with MAG I have a seat at the table.

“As a MAG member, I look forward to our annual Physicians’ Day at the Capitol and HOD meetings! It’s an opportunity to not only develop meaningful policies that affect our patients and profession in Georgia, but an opportunity to network, catch up with old friends and meet new ones!”

Shamie Das, M.D.

“Health care is constantly changing and being influenced by a number of factors that threaten the doctor-patient relationship. As professionals, it is incumbent on physicians to actively self-regulate and advance the practice of medicine, and that is why I choose to have an active role in organized medicine and impact positive change.

“Young physicians, early in their practice face unique challenges whether it be adjusting to independent practice, academic advancement, building their practice, developing collegial relationships and growing their families. I participate in the YPS section as it provides a supportive community and means to advocate for the unique issues faced in this phase of my life.”

Zach Lopater, M.D.

“One of the best ways physicians can improve health care is by being involved in organized medicine, whether at the county, state, or national levels.  Doctors from all specialties can work together to shape the laws that impact the ways we practice medicine every day. Being involved in the Medical Association of Georgia has connected me with young physicians from across the state who share a similar vision for the future of medicine, and I believe our efforts through advocacy will have a positive impact on both my personal career development, as well as the care I provide to our patients.”

From the left are MAG YPS members Amin Yehya, M.D., Zachary Lopater, M.D., Tracey Henry, M.D., and Shamie Das, M.D.

Social Events

The YPS hosts social events throughout the year. The YPS governing council encourages MAG non-members to attend these events. For more information on upcoming events, contact the YPS governing council at magyoungphysicians@gmail.com.