ABIM releases statement on dismissal of anti-trust lawsuit

The following statement is attributed to Richard J. Baron, M.D., president and CEO of the American Board of Internal Medicine…

“ABIM is pleased that the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania dismissed in its entirety a lawsuit that alleged physicians were harmed by the requirements for maintaining ABIM board certification.”

As stated in an opinion issued by the Honorable Robert F. Kelly:

“We disagree with the Plaintiffs and find that ABIM’s initial certification and MOC products are part of a single product and do not occupy distinct markets. Not only are we unconvinced by Plaintiffs arguments, we find that Plaintiffs’ entire framing of the ABIM certification to be flawed.”

The Court upheld ABIM’s position that the plaintiffs’ complaint failed to set forth a claim as a matter of law. In its motion to dismiss, ABIM vigorously defended itself against allegations of antitrust and RICO violations.

Court’s decision dismissing claims against ABIM