AMA & non-profit making PPE available to AMA members

The American Medical Association (AMA) has partnered with Project N95 (a not-for-profit, National COVID-19 Clearinghouse) to make personal protective equipment (PPE) available to its members. The program includes…

– Makrite 9500 N95 surgical respirators (size S)

– Makrite 9500 N95 surgical respirators (size M/L)

– Disposable isolation gowns

AMA says that, “All AMA member orders will be aggregated and shipped no later than August 26 via UPS ground. Gowns may start shipping as early as August 17. Members receive email and text order status and shipping confirmation notices.”  

It adds that, “Project N95 has written policies on order cancellations, refunds, and handling of damaged goods.”

Contact Kristen Tinney at with questions.

AMA/Project N95 FAQ 

AMA/Project N95 Registration Form (requires AMA user name and password)