AMA: President signs four EOs on Rx drug pricing

The American Medical Association (AMA) reports that late last week President Donald Trump signed four executive orders (EO) addressing prescription drug pricing, including ones on…

Access to Affordable Life-Saving Medications

This would establish a program that conditions grants to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) on their ability to establish programs allowing certain individuals to purchase insulin and epinephrine at the discounted price paid to acquire the drug under the 340B program.

Increasing Drug Importation and Lowering Prices for American Patients

This will result in programs that…

– Grant waivers allowing the personal importation of prescription drugs, without a limit on the drug type or country of origin, if the program’s safety requirements are met

– Authorize the re-importation of insulin products at lower costs

– Finalize earlier proposals to create state-based importation programs allowing the importation of certain drugs from Canada

Lowering Drug Prices for Patients by Eliminating Kickbacks to Middlemen

This will result in the completion of the rulemaking process for earlier proposals that pertain to drug rebates that would 1) end safe harbor protections for price reductions not applied at the point of sale and 2) create a new safe harbor for those passed on to patients at the point of sale. This EO is contingent on a requirement that there not be any increase in federal spending.

The details of a fourth EO on ‘Most Favored Nation’ status for pricing on certain drug products that was signed on Friday is not yet available, although the White tells AMA that this “would only go into effect if the drug manufacturers do not come to an agreement with the Administration on lower costs” – keeping in mind that they are scheduled to meet on July 28.