CMS promises to cut ‘red tape’ in letter to physicians

In an open letter to physicians, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma addresses the steps that CMS is taking to “cut the red tape” and “reduce the burden of unnecessary rules and requirements.”

She says that, “We believe that [physicians] should be able to focus on delivering care to patients, not sitting in front of at a computer screen. Electronic Health Records were supposed to make it easier for you to record notes, and the government spent $30 billion to encourage their uptake. But the inability to exchange records between systems – and the increasing requirements for information that must be documented – has turned this tool into a serious distraction from patient care.”

CMS has proposed “an overhaul of the Evaluation & Management (E&M) documentation and coding system to dramatically reduce the amount of time [physicians] have to spend inputting unnecessary information into [their] patients’ records.”

The agency also says that, “In addition to streamlining documentation, under the leadership of the White House’s Office of American Innovation, [it is] advancing the MyHealthEData Initiative which promotes the interoperability of electronic medical records.”

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