GCMB unveils new online licensing & verification system

The Georgia Composite Medical Board (GCMB) has announced that it has a new online licensing system and verification website.

According to GCMB…

– “If you have bookmarked the previous online application or verification site, please delete the bookmark and clear your cache.”

– “All first-time users must register on the new site.”

GCMB also notes that, “If you currently hold or previously held a license in a profession licensed by GCMB, you will be matched to your existing record in our database.”

Click here to go to the new licensing/verification site.

– From the menu on the left, select ‘Register a Person’

– Provide these three unique identifies: 1) last name (as you are licensed) and 2) date of birth and 3) license number

– Click the ‘Search’ button

And GCMB explains that, “You are not required to enter a renewal ID, registration code or national provider ID.”

Once the existing license record is located, you will be directed to the Registration page.

– Scroll down to the third section (user ID) to create new log in credentials. If necessary, you will be able to update the name and address sections later in the renewal process, once you complete the registration.

– Click the ‘Register’ button

GCMB also encourages physicians to “write down the log in credentials that you create.”

Once the registration is completed, you will receive a message that you have successfully registered and will be instructed to click the hyperlink to log in.

– Log in using the credentials you created on the previous page

– From the menu on the left side of the page, select the ‘Renew a License’ tab

– Do not select ‘Apply for a License’

– From the renewal page, select ‘Continue’ to select the corresponding license that you wish to renew and begin the renewal process.

– If you hold multiple licenses with GCMB, all your licenses will be displayed. Only select the license currently in renewal.

GCMB says that, “Once the renewal process begins, the system will guide you through each section of the menu. It is advised that you review each section and update as necessary. However, the sections in red print are required sections and must be completed before the renewal can be submitted online.”

It also stresses that, “The physician profile has been integrated into the application and renewal processes, and it will be created from the information you provide by navigating through the menu selections. You will not need to navigate to our old site to update the physician profile information. Your renewal will now contain the profile areas for review and update as part of the application. If not in renewal, the ‘Update License Information’ menu section will allow access to the information historically captured in the physician profile.”

Go to https://gcmb.mylicense.com/verification/ to verify your current license status or to review your physician profile information.

Contact LaSharn Hughes at lhughes@dch.ga.gov with questions.