Georgia Senate releases report on state’s legal climate

The Georgia State Senate’s Research Office has released ‘The Final Report of the Senate Study Committee on Reducing Georgia’s Cost of Doing Business (S.R. 433).’    

The study committee’s mission was to “fully review and study the issue of Georgia’s legal climate and its impact of the cost of doing business and performing health care services in Georgia.”

The report includes a number of recommendations, including eliminating “phantom damages” (Recommendation 3), following the federal “pre-dismissal rule” [dismissal without prejudice wouldn’t be allowed once an answer is filed] (Recommendation 5), prohibiting “jury anchoring” (Recommendation 7), requiring mandatory scheduling orders to be set in a timely manner (Recommendation 11), allowing trial bifurcation on the motion of one party (Recommendation 18), and calling for lawmakers to review the state’s contingency fee caps during the 2020 legislative session (Recommendation 19).

Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) President Andrew Reisman, M.D., was a member of the study committee – having proposed the trial bifurcation recommendation – while MAG’s immediate past president, Rutledge Forney, M.D., testified during the committee’s fourth meeting. 

MAG members can contact Bethany Sherrer at with questions about the report.   

‘Final Report of Senate Study Committee on Reducing Georgia’s Cost of Doing Business’