HHS clarifies ‘CARES Act’ fund attestation process, deadline

The American Medical Association (AMA) reports that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has responded to an inquiry it made that was related to the ‘CARES Act [COVID-10] Provider Relief Fund’ attestation process and deadline.
AMA notes that “HHS [had] indicated that by June 3, [providers] who had received funds need to accept the HHS Terms and Conditions and submit revenue information to be considered for an additional General Allocation payment…HHS [subsequently] announced that it had extended the attestation deadline for an additional 45 days, but the June 3 deadline has remained on the Provider Relief Fund website…AMA asked HHS why the website still has a deadline of June 3 when the attestation deadline has been further extended.”
In response to AMA’s inquiry, HHS says that…
“[Providers] will have a total of 90 days to attest. However, they will only have until June 3 to access the application portal to submit their revenue/loss information.”
“[Providers must accept or reject funds in order to enter the application portal.”
“…if on June 3 “[providers] are still deciding whether to accept funds they have already received, but haven’t yet submitted their tax information to the application portal, they should reject the funds and submit info to the application portal for consideration.
“[Providers] will be reallocated all General Distribution funds they are owed based on their submitted application, and [they] will then have 90 days to attest or reject.”
“[HHS has] implemented this so that [it] can have all applications by June 3, and [it] can start rolling out other distributions.”
“The attestation portal (as opposed to the application portal) will remain open for 90 days. Only the application portal will close on June 3.”