Legislator addresses conversion therapy on ‘Top Docs Radio’

The latest edition of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs Radio’ show addresses conversion therapy – and it features Georgia Rep. Matthew Wilson (D-Brookhaven), who is just the second openly gay man to be elected to the state legislature.

Rep. Wilson discusses…

– Conversion therapy
– Georgia H.B. 580, which would ban conversion therapy
– How conversion therapy and suicide are connected
– How physicians have responded to H.B. 580
– How other states have approached conversion therapy
– H.B. 580’s prospects in the 2020 legislative session

Rep. Wilson represents the state’s 80th District, which includes parts of Brookhaven, Sandy Springs and Chamblee. He serves on the House Judiciary, Education, and Agriculture and Consumer Affairs committees. It is also worth noting that Rep. Wilson is a practicing trial lawyer who has his own personal injury practice in Brookhaven.

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